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Town Council  
Meeting Minutes  
Chairman Kevin J.  
Regular Meeting  
Wednesday, May 10, 2023  
7:00 PM  
Town Hall Council Chambers  
In-Person: Council Chambers Town Hall Annex  
Remote: Information noted below:  
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Only: Telephone: +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 894 2650 6456; Passcode: 773602  
IC.hairman Dombrowski called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the Council Chambers,  
Town Hall Annex Building.  
Chairman Dombrowski welcomed all to the Hybrid Meeting. He stated for the members  
of the Town Council and the Public who were participating via video conference that the  
remote meeting information was available on the Agenda that was posted on the Town’s  
Website - Granicus-Legistar Meeting Portal.  
Chairman Kevin Dombrowski  
Councilor Bill Saums  
Councilor Andra Ingalls  
Councilor Gary Paul  
Councilor Mary K. McGrattan  
Councilor S. Naomi Rodriguez  
Councilor Whit Irwin  
Councilor John Marshall  
Councilor Tim Ryan  
Councilor Paul thanked Resident Ms. Hilary Evans for her donation of two VIP Taylor Swift  
Concert Tickets to the Ledyard Music Boosters to auction off as a fundraiser. He stated the  
tickets were $5.00 and that people could purchase the tickets at LedyardMusic.com and  
following the on-line instructions. He stated the Drawing would be held on May 17, 2023 at  
5:55 p.m. for the May 20, 2023 Concert that will held at Gillet Stadium. He stated as of 8:00  
a.m. this morning they have raised $13,000. He stated during her time in Ledyard Ms. Evans  
has been an active member of the community volunteering her time to serve on the Planning  
& Zoning Commission, the Ledyard Housing Authority and on the Conservation  
Commission. He stated Ms. Evans wanted to do something inspiring and helpful for the  
community before leaving Ledyard this June to return back to her home state of Tennessee.  
He again thanked Ms. Evans for her very generous donation and for her service to the town,  
and he wished her a safe and healthy move back home.  
Ms. Evans thanked Councilor Paul for mentioning the Taylor Swift Concert Tickets  
Fundraiser for the Music Boosters. She noted that there was still seven-days left before the  
raffle is called. She stated that she enjoyed volunteering to serve the town and she thanked  
Administrative Assistant Roxanne Maher for the support she provided to the town’s  
MOTION to approve the Town Council Regular Meeting Minutes of April 26, 2023.  
Moved by Councilor Irwin, seconded by Councilor Rodriguez  
VOTE: 7- 0 Approved and so declared  
Whit Irwin  
S. Naomi Rodriguez  
Dombrowski, Saums, Ingalls, Paul, McGrattan, Rodriguez, and Irwin  
Marshall, and Ryan  
Communications List May 10, 2023  
Chairman Dombrowski stated a Communications List has been provided. He noted there  
were no referrals listed.  
Administration Committee  
Councilor Ingalls stated the Administration Committee met earlier this evening and  
forwarded the following items to the Town Council for action at the May 24, 2023 meeting:  
(1) Reappointment to the Housing Authority; and (2) Updated Job Description for the  
Director of Parks, Recreation and Senior Citizens Department.  
Community Relations Committee  
Councilor Paul stated the Community Relations Committee has not met since the last Town  
Council meeting. He noted the Committee would be meeting on May 17, 2023 and he  
welcomed residents to attend.  
Finance Committee  
Councilor Saums stated the Finance Committee met on May 3, 2023 and he noted in  
addition to the one item on tonight’s Agenda that the Committee also discussed the  
following: (1) American Rescue Plan Act Funding (ARPA) - Councilor Saums noted that  
Finance Director Matthew Bonin explained that according to ARPA rules, the Federal  
Treasury definition of “Obligated Funds” meant “An order has been placed for property  
and services, or contracts, or some awards were made”. He stated just saying that the funds  
were going to be used for a particular project, was not considered “Obligated” and that it did  
not meet the Treasury’s definition. He stated for the funds to be obligated the town had to  
have contracts or purchase orders in place; (2) ARPA Projects List Review - The Finance  
Committee discussed an updated ARPA Projects List provided by Finance Director Matthew  
Bonin, and noted that of the $4.3 million received, $1.1 million has been spent on 13  
completed projects with $30,000 left over to be reallocated to other projects. The Committee  
also noted that there were now 15 projects in progress, and only 9 not started yet; (3) Board  
of Education Roof Projects - The Finance Committee took no action on the request for a bid  
waiver to STV Construction for the oversight of the school roof project, because the  
Permanent Municipal Building Committee (PMBC) planned to start the bid process over  
again. The Committee removed the Bid Waiver Request from its agenda until new bids were  
received; (4) Nip Bottle Surcharge Revenue - Public Act No.21-58 “An Act Concerning  
Solid Waste Management” - “Resolution Regarding Revenues Received from Beverage  
Container Surcharges - The Finance Committee continued to discuss the $13,048.20  
Ledyard received from the State’s Nip Bottle Surcharge, noting that the $13,048.20 equated  
to approximately 260,964 nip bottles, or 17 nips bottles per resident per day sold in Ledyard  
during the past six-months. Councilor Saums noted that during the recent Earth Day cleanup,  
the Vajdos family collected over 500 nip bottles from one section of one road in Ledyard. He  
stated Councilor Ingalls has initiated communication with the Ledyard Beautification  
Committee to organize another roadside cleanup in November, and to collect nip bottles for  
delivery to Hartford to shine a light on this failed piece of legislation; (5) Fiscal Year  
2023/2024 Budget - The Annual Town Meeting regarding the proposed Budget would be  
held on Monday, May 15, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers, and would adjourned  
to a Referendum on the voting machines the following day (Tuesday, May 16, 2023). All  
polling locations would be voting at the Council Chambers, Town Hall Annex; (6)  
Remembrance of Conor Irwin - The Finance Committee, the Mayor, and the Finance  
Director wore green in memory of Conor Irwin, who would have turned 21 years old on May  
3, 2023.  
Land Use/Planning/Public Works Committee  
Councilor Paul stated the LUPPW Committee met on May 1, 2023 and continued their work to  
update the List of Administrative Control of Town-Owned and Town-Leased Property. He stated  
the Committee hoped to complete their work within the next month to forward to the Town  
Council for action.  
Economic Development Commission  
Councilor Paul stated the EDC met on May 2, 2023 and he noted that they were getting the  
Businesses together to begin to shoot footage on June 14, 2023 for the Marketing Video.  
Councilor Ingalls questioned whether the Marketing Video the EDC was producing would  
include town events such as capturing the Farmers’ Market. Councilor Paul stated the video  
would have six-segments that would cover an array of things such as businesses and events, etc.  
Mayor Allyn, III, reported on the following: (1) Public Act No. 21-58 “An Act Concerning  
Solid Waste Management” - “Resolution Regarding Revenues Received from Beverage  
Container Surcharges” - Nip Bottle Surcharge Disbursement - Mayor Allyn stated that  
there was a plan to take the Nip Bottles to the Capital in Hartford for the next Legislative  
Session. He stated he would share this Plan with Southeastern Connecticut Council of  
Governments (SCCOG) at their May 24, 2023 meeting to obtain regional support. He  
stated they would like to bring a tremendous number of bags full of Nip Bottles to  
Hartford to show the impact just in Southeastern Connecticut; (2) Senate Bill 1242 “Solid  
Waste Management Disposal” - Mayor Allyn stated Southeastern Connecticut Council of  
Governments (SCCOG) has created a Solid Waste Task Force, noting that he would be  
serving as the Chairman. He stated the objective was to develop a Plan for waste  
products such as Organics, Plastics, Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) for certain  
packaging such as Vacuum Packaging, and Energy Opportunities. He stated that SCCOG  
believed that Trash to Energy has a place in all of this, especially with the State looking  
to annually haul 800,000 - 900,000 tons of waste out of Connecticut to landfills in different  
states such as Pennsylvania and Ohio, etc., noting that this was not a solution. He stated as  
Chairman of the Solid Waste Task Force that his role would include interfacing with the  
State, Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), and Southeastern Regional  
Resource Recovery Authority (SCRRRA) to produce a Report at the end of November,  
2023; (3) Eversource Emergency Response Planning Meeting - Mayor Allyn stated he  
attended the Annual Meeting which was held in preparation for Hurricane Season. He stated  
Eversource was doing a good job to prepare in the event of a hurricane, noting they have  
brough back the “Make Safe Plan of Action” which involved sending out Tree Crews with  
Lineman Crews to cut clear trees from the power lines and to keep moving; (4) Connecticut  
Housing Finance Authority (CHFA) Housing Plan - Mayor Allyn stated he attended the  
CHFA Housing Plan Presentation. He stated the Report included a link where residents  
could provide comments regarding the Housing Plan which included the Affordable Housing  
Action Items. He stated that he that he would forward the Report to the Town Council  
Office, noting that the. Public Comment Period was open until May 22, 2023; (5) Kings  
Corner Manor Senior Housing Facility Improvement Project - Mayor Allyn stated he  
attended a meeting on May 4, 2023 at the Kings Corner Manor with Housing Director  
Colleen Lauer and the Contractors to review a potential Change Order at the Facility. He  
stated because it was a small issue, that rather than have the Senior Housing Authority  
absorb the $20,000 cost for the Change Order, that the Public Works Department would do  
the job. He stated by the Public Works Department taking on the small Change Order that it  
would not take funding away from the construction work that they wanted to accomplish at  
the Senior Housing Facility. He stated because the Senior Housing Authority was a  
stand-alone agency and was not an agency of the town they typically do not get involved.  
However, he stated in this case it was important to the residents that they were able to have  
the work that was planned/anticipated completed; (6) Zoning Enforcement Officer - Mayor  
Allyn stated the new Zoning Enforcement Officer Mr. Alex Samalot began on May 1, 2023.  
He stated Mr. Samalot was currently enrolled in the Connecticut Association of Zoning  
Enforcement (CAZEO) Certification Program. He stated because he was not already  
CAZEO Certified that he would be working under the guidance of Land Use Director Juliet  
Hodge. He stated Ms. Samalot has begun to take on the List of the Blighted Properties and  
Junk/Unregistered motor vehicle cases; (7) Connecticut Conference of Municipalities  
(CCM) Legislative Meeting - Mayor Allyn stated today he attended the CCM Legislative  
Meeting noting the following: (a) State Budget negotiations were underway, with  
28-days remaining in the Legislative Session. Both the Governor’s Budget and the  
Democrats Budget were flat funded. He stated the Republican provided a Budget for the  
first time in a long time which included a substantial increase in Education Cost Sharing  
(ECS) Funding. He stated that he has complained to the State Legislature that Flat  
Funding to Municipalities during an inflationary environment, such as what we were  
currently experiencing, was not actually Flat Funded; (b) Early Voting Bill - Mayor  
Allyn explained the House approved an Early Voting Bill that included the following:  
14-Days of advanced Early Voting for General Elections; 7-Days advanced Early Voting for  
Local and Congressional Primary Elections; 4-Days advanced Early Voting for Presidential  
Primaries and Special Elections. Mayor Allyn stated there would be No Early Voting for  
Budget and Town Referendums, noting that this was good news explaining that based on  
Ledyard’s Town Charter pertaining to their local budget process, that they could not make  
early voting happen. He stated the State has set aside $8 Million to fund the entire State for  
the 2-weeks of Early Voting. He explained Municipal Registrars and Town Clerks were  
required to prepare and submit to the State a budget showing how many Poll Workers  
would be working during the Early Voting Days (including Saturdays & Sundays); (c)  
Changes to Auto Assessments - Mayor Allyn explained the Legislature was looking to use  
the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and then a straight-line deprecation after  
that. However, he stated they realized those numbers would not work and that they were now  
looking to start off at 90% of MSRP and then a straight-line depreciation year after year and  
doing away with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Book Value; (d)  
Legal Notice Bill - Mayor Allyn stated the Legal Notice Bill came out of Committee Joint  
Favorable and was still on track; (e) Reduce Interest Rate on Delinquent Taxes - Mayor  
Allyn stated currently the Interest Rate of Delinquent Taxes was set a 18% annually (1.5%  
per month). The Legislature was considering reducing that to 12% annually (1% per month;  
(f) Housing Bills included a Fair Share Plan which would require a percentage of Affordable  
Housing in Every Town - Mayor Allyn stated under this Bill that if the town did not meet the  
percentage requirement that they would be required to pay up front for the construction of  
Affordable Housing, noting that Municipalities did not want to be in the construction  
business; (g) Raised Bill 1213 “Reformulation of the Pequot Fund” - Mayor Allyn stated this  
current year represented the single lowest year of the Pequot Funding distribution. He  
explained that the State was only distributing about 15% of the money collected to  
Municipalities and that the State was retaining the remaining 85%. He stated Senator Cathy  
Osten’s proposed Raised Bill 1213 would flip the percentage of the distribution to provide  
85% of the Pequot Funding to the Municipalities and the State would retain the remaining  
15%. He stated per the proposed Bill that the percentage distribution could only be changed  
in the case of extreme fiscal duress for the State. He stated that he hoped the Bill would be  
approved and that he appreciated the work Senator Osten has done; (h) House Bill 5917 -  
Automated Traffic Enforcement associated with School Zones, Pedestrian Zones and Traffic  
Lights - Mayor Allyn explained that this would involve the use of radar detectors and  
cameras to automatically generate an Infraction and mail it to the Registered Vehicle Owner;  
(8) Connecticut Department of Transportation (DOT) Program - Mayor Allyn stated today  
the Town received a notice from the DOT regarding Federal Traffic Safety Funding. He  
stated the Report provided data for the four-year period of 2018- 2022 as follows: Montville  
4 Fatal Accidents; East Lyme 5 Fatal Accidents; Preston 5 Fatal Accidents; Waterford 5  
Fatal Accidents; Ledyard 8 Fatal Accidents; North Stonington 11 Fatal Accidents;  
Stonington 14 Fatal Accidents; Colchester 15 Fatal Accidents. He stated this data was not  
unlike what was happening throughout the State. He stated he met with Police Chief Rich  
today to talk about directing some of the Federal Traffic Safety funding toward some of  
enforcement, noting that people were driving under the influence, driving faster, driving  
more reckless, and driving distracted.  
Questions to the Mayor -  
Councilor Ingalls addressed the Federal Traffic Safety Funding and she questioned whether  
the Report provided any data for the four years prior to 2018 to see if the numbers were  
increasing. Mayor Allyn stated that the Report did not provide any data prior to 2018, but  
that DOT Commissioner Garrett T. Eucalitto stated that all the statics were climbing due  
to more distracted driving, faster driving, less consideration for other drivers, and driving  
in neighborhoods. Mayor Allyn stated recently Ledyard had someone driving 65-miles  
per hour in a residential neighborhood.  
The Town Council and Mayor Allyn discussed Traffic Safety noting that people were  
blatantly violating motor vehicle laws by being on their phones, not stopping at stop  
signs or stopping at traffic lights before making the “Right on Red”, driving excessively  
fast, etc.  
Chairman Dombrowski stated since the horrific April 21, 2023 Gold Star Bridge fatal  
accident that there have been two fatal accidents on Buddington Road noting that both  
the accidents were head on collisions because the people were driving on the wrong side  
of the road.  
Finance Committee  
MOTION to appropriate $9,500 to Account #21020301-57300-G0015 (Fire Marshall - New  
Equipment - State Grant).  
In addition, authorize the expenditure of up to $9,500 for the purchase of three 800 MHz radios  
for Emergency Management.  
The funding source for this project is the Town of Ledyard’s FY 2023 Nuclear Safety  
Emergency Program Funding Allocation (2023-47).  
Moved by Councilor Saums, seconded by Councilor Ingalls  
Discussion: Councilor Saums stated the town has already applied for and received this Nuclear  
Safety grant funding. He stated tonight’s action was to appropriate and authorize the spending of  
the grant funding to purchase three 800 MHz radios for Emergency Management.  
Mayor Allyn, III, explained that the State was moving to the 800 MHz radios (Tri-BAN), which  
would allow everyone in the state to communicate with each other. He stated this project has  
been in-process for about ten-years. He stated Director of Emergency Management Jim Mann  
has received approval from DEMIS Region 4 to use these funds to purchase the radios.  
VOTE: 7 - 0 Approved and so declared  
Bill Saums  
Andra Ingalls  
Dombrowski, Saums, Ingalls, Paul, McGrattan, Rodriguez, and Irwin  
Marshall, and Ryan  
General Business  
Discuss Work Session Items as time permits.  
Councilor Irwin moved to adjourn, seconded by Councilor Rodriguez  
VOTEA:p7p-ro0ved and so declared. The meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.  
Transcribed by Roxanne M. Maher  
Administrative Assistant to the Town Council  
I, Kevin J. Dombrowski, Chairman of the Ledyard Town Council,  
hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a true and  
correct copy of the minutes of the Regular Town Council  
Meeting held on May 10, 2023.  
Although we try to be timely and accurate these are not official records of the Town.  
The Town Council's Official Agenda and final Minutes will be on file in the Town Clerk's