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Community Relations Committee  
Meeting Minutes  
Kevin J. Dombrowski  
Regular Meeting  
Wednesday, May 17, 2023  
6:30 PM  
Town Hall Annex - Hybrid Format  
In -Person: Council Chambers, Town Hall Annex Building  
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the Meeting was called to order by Councilor Paul at 6:30 p.m. at the Council  
Chambers - Town Hall Annex Building.  
Councilor Paul welcomed all to the Hybrid Meeting. He stated for the Town Council  
Community Relations Committee and members of the Public who were participating  
via video conference that the remote meeting information was available on the  
Agenda that was posted on the Town’s Website - Granicus-Insite Meeting Portal.  
Gary Paul  
John Marshall  
Bill Saums  
In addition, Administrative Assistant Roxanne Maher was in attendance.  
MOTION to approve the Community Relations Regular Meeting Minutes of April 19, 2023  
Moved by Councilor Paul, seconded by Councilor Marshall  
VOTE: 2 - 0 Approved and so declared  
Gary Paul  
John Marshall  
Paul and Marshall  
Discuss the 2024 Black History Activity/Contest.  
No Action  
Continued discussion and possible action draft a schedule for Public Information Forums to  
present to residents the types of services the town offers; how to access services and the  
authority residents should direct concerns regarding services.  
Councilor Paul presented the attached schedule  
Councilor Paul noted he spoke with Farmers’ Market Committee Chairman Lauriann  
Hary about the dates the Community Relations Committee would like to reserve  
space at the Farmers Market this summer. He stated Ms. Hary indicated that the  
Committee could host a Booth during the Market Dates listed in the schedule above.  
He stated that he has submitted the Application Form to the Farmers Market  
Committee to formalize the process.  
Councilor Paul went on to note that he has spoken to all of the participants that the  
Community Relations Committee would like to feature at each of the Markets to  
bring awareness to the programs and services that were available to residents. He  
stated everyone was enthusiastic about participating in the events, noting that the  
Community Relations Committee worked to schedule their topics to be in-keeping  
with the Farmers’ Market weekly themes.  
· July 19, 2023 Mental Health Awareness  
Councilor Paul went on to note that many of these groups participated at the  
Community Relations Committee’s Farmers’ Market Booths last summer. However,  
he stated SERAC would be a new addition to their Mental Health Awareness Booth this  
summer. He provided some background noting that SERAC was a non-profit  
organization located in Norwich that served 41 communities in Eastern Connecticut,  
noting that they provide programs and services to reduce the impact of substance  
abuse, problem gambling, and mental health challenges, noting that May was Mental  
Health Awareness Month. He stated he spoke with SERAC Representative Mark  
Irons (Suicide Prevention Lead) and he noted that Mr. Irons stated that SERAC  
would like to participate in July 19, 2023 event, noting that SERAC would like to  
have a presence in Ledyard. Councilor Paul suggested that the Community Relations  
Committee may want to invite SERAC to a Town Council meeting, as they did last  
year with the Brian Dagle Foundation, so that SERAC could inform the community  
about the programs they provide. Councilor Paul stated because of the number of  
organizations they would be featuring at their July 19, 2023 Farmers’ Market Booth  
that he requested space for three tents.  
· August 30, 2023 - Library Services  
Councilor Paul stated the Farmers’ Market August 30, 2023 Theme was “Back to  
School” and that the Committee felt that the Library services would be in-keeping  
with that Theme. He stated at their Booth the Community Relations Committee  
would provide literature regarding the services the Library offered and refer residents  
to stop by the Library Open House. H stated when the Farmers Market closed that the  
Library would provide a short Presentation that same evening.  
· September 19, 2023- Hometown Heroes -  
Councilor Paul stated in preparation for the September 19, 2023 “Hometown Heroes”  
he met with both Ledyard Center Fire Chief Jon Mann and Gales Ferry Fire Chief  
Tony Saccone. He stated he received a tour of both Fire Stations, and he noted that  
both Fire Chief’s were looking forward to participating in the Community Relations  
Committee September 19, 2023 Farmers’ Market Booth, noting that it would be good  
opportunity for them to talk with residents about becoming a volunteer firefighter. He  
also noted that the both Fire Departments would be holding their Annual Open House  
in October for Fire Safety-Prevention Month.  
· Land Use Processes - Councilor Paul addressed the importance for residents to  
understand the Land Use processes relative to the approval of applications, and the  
complexities involved as they relate to Regulatory, State Statutes, and the Plan of  
Conservation & Development (POCD), etc. However, he stated that the Land Use  
Informational Presentation would be deferred until Ms. Hodge could work it into her  
schedule. He noted the new Zoning Enforcement Officer Mr. Alex Samalot joined  
Ledyard on May 1, 2023 and that he was currently enrolled in the Connecticut  
Association of Zoning Enforcement (CAZEO) Certification Program. He stated because  
Mr. Samalot was not already CAZEO Certified that there would be a significant  
amount of training involved and that Ms. Hodge would be working with him.  
Continued discussion and possible action to identify various town venues to host “Informal  
Conversations in the Park” to engage residents in discussions regarding their concerns and  
their ideas for potential solutions.  
Councilor Paul stated Park & Recreation has been discussing scheduling a tour to  
visit the many recreational parks in town in May, 2023. He stated that he would keep  
the Community Relations Committee informed as more information becomes  
Councilor Paul noted that Councilor Saums was working with the Administrators of  
the Ledyard/Gales Ferry Forum on the idea of hosting a Whining Wednesday” and a  
Thankful Thursday”. Therefore, he suggested they defer this discussion to their next  
meeting, when Councilor Saums could provide an update.  
Councilor Marshall suggested hosting an Informal Gathering/Conversation at the  
Town Green or at another Park some afternoon to talk with residents. He noted the  
event could be similar to the July 20, 2022 Informal Gathering they had at the Park  
on East Drive. He stated the town had a lot of parks, and it would be good feature  
them, noting that the Parks were underutilized.  
Continued discussion regarding the possibility to schedule joint meetings with the  
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation to discuss items of mutual interest.  
Councilor Paul stated that Councilor Saums has been communicatimg with  
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal (MPTN) Council Member Crystal to schedule an  
Informal Gathering with the MPTN Council. He stated at their April 19, 2023  
meeting the Community Relations Committee agreed that because they all had busy  
schedules the Informal Gathering could be something as simple as morning coffee.  
He suggested the Committee defer this discussion to their June 21, 2023 meeting to  
receive an update from Councilor Saums regarding the status of scheduling the  
Informal Gathering.  
Continued review of status regarding the progress of improvements at the Park on East  
Councilor Paul stated in communicating with Police Chief John Rich that there has  
not been any new developments/complaints at the Park. However, he stated with the  
warmer weather that they would expect more activity at the Park.  
Councilor Marshall stated with the improvements such as the lights, removing the  
brush to open up the entrance area, and more frequent police patrols that perhaps the  
Park has lost its appeal and that the problems have moved on.  
Councilor Paul stated that he agreed with Councilor Marshall’s comments, noting  
with the exposure of the Park on East Drive that they were getting more people to  
use their underutilized Parks. He stated with more people using the Park that it was a  
good way to police the parks, noting that neighbors look out for their neighbors.  
Any other Old Business proper to come before the Committee  
Any other New Business proper to come before the Committee.  
Councilor Paul moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Councilor Marshall.  
VOTE: 2 - 0 Approved and so declared. The meeting was adjourned at 6:47 p.m.  
Respectfully submitted,  
Gary Paul  
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Community Relations Committee  
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