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Land Use/Planning/Public Works  
Meeting Minutes  
Kevin J. Dombrowski  
Regular Meeting  
Monday, May 1, 2023  
6:00 PM  
Town Hall Annex - Hybrid Format  
In -Person - Council Chambers - Town Hall Annex  
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The meeting was called to order by Councilor Paul at 6:05 p.m. at  
the Council Chambers, Town Hall Annex Building.  
Councilor Paul welcomed all to the Hybird Meeting. He stated for the Town Council Land  
Use/Planning/Public Works Committee and members of the Public who were participating  
via video conference that the remote meeting information was available on the Agenda that  
was posted on the Town’s Website - Granicus-Legistar Meeting Portal.  
Gary Paul  
S. Naomi Rodriguez  
John Marshall  
In addition, the following were present:  
Juliet Hodge, Director of Land Use  
Roxanne M. Maher, Administrative Assistant  
MOTION to approve the Land Use/Planning/Public Works Committee Regular Meeting  
Minuets of March 6, 2023.  
Moved by Councilor Paul, seconded by Councilor Rodriguez  
VOTE: 2 - 0 Approved and so declared  
Gary Paul  
S. Naomi Rodriguez  
Paul and Rodriguez  
Continued discussion and possible action to periodically review the list of town owned  
property; and update accordingly for the “Assignment of Administrative Control”.  
The LUPPW Committee reviewed the oversight assignment changes they made at their  
March 6, 2023 and April 3, 2023 meetings. The Committee agreed that they did not have  
any additional changes at this time. They noted with this year’s update exercise that a  
number of properties were being assigned to the Conservation Commission. Therefore,  
they agreed before finalizing the List to forward to the Town Council for action, that  
they would like to obtain input from the Conservation Commission to make sure the  
additional assignments were in-keeping with their work.  
Director of Land Use Juliet Hodge questioned what “Administrative Control” involved,  
noting that some properties were listed as “Mayor to Sell” stating that the Mayor could  
not just sell property, explaining that it may be part of a Conservation or Open Space  
Subdivision. She also stated that other parcels may be required as be part of a  
“Subdivision” in which case those properties should be under the Administrative Control  
of the Planning & Zoning Commission. She went on to state that some properties could  
have a catch basin/drainage on it, and therefore, should be assigned to a Commission.  
She stated that she would review the GIS System to verify that the types of properties  
she mentioned were being assigned to the appropriate department/commission.  
The LUPPW Committee explained that the note “Mayor to Sell” was only a note and not  
a change in the administrative assignment of the property. The suggestion/notes were  
pertaining to small slivers of land, which an adjacent property owner may be interested  
in buying, putting the property back on the tax rolls and removing it from the town’s  
responsibility. Councilor Paul stated that the List of Administrative Control could be  
updated anytime should something change.  
Administrative Assistant Roxanne Maher explained the “Assignment of Administrative  
Control of Town-Owned and Town-Leased Property” was an Appendix to the  
Resolution Establishing Administrative Control of Town-Owned or Town-Leased  
Properties”. She noted that she would send the LUPPW Committee and Ms. Hodge  
the Resolution which defined "administrative control" as follows:  
“Having the authority to grant permissions for temporary use of the  
property by groups or individuals; and having the authority to make  
minor improvements or enhancements to the property which will not  
change the overall character or use of the property; and having the  
responsibility to maintain the property in such as way that its present  
uses may be continued; and having the responsibility to protect the  
Town from civil or criminal liability in connection with the property”.  
The Resolution also stated:  
“….the Town Council or the Town Meeting retains the responsibility  
for deciding when any Town owned real property shall be  
permanently altered, capitally improved, used for totally different  
purposes, leased, or transferred; subject only to the stipulations and  
approvals which State or Federal laws may require”.  
Councilor Paul stated that he would send a memo to Conservation Commission  
Chairman Michael Marelli to request their input regarding the updated oversight  
assignments pertaining to the Conservation Commission. He stated that the LUPPW  
Committee would defer action on the “Assignment of Administrative Control of  
Town-Owned and Town-Leased Property” to their June 6, 2023 meeting.  
Continued discussion regarding the progress of enforcing regulations to address blight issues.  
Director of Land Use Juliet Hodge provided a Blight Report which was distributed and  
attached to the Agenda on the meeting portal for tonight’s meeting. She stated the new  
Zoning Enforcement Officer Mr. Alex Samalot began today, noting that he was currently  
enrolled in the Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement (CAZEO) Certification  
Program. She stated because he was not already CAZEO Certified that there would be a  
significant amount of training involved. She stated that Mr. Samalot’s first assignments  
would be to take on the List of the Blighted Properties and Junk/Unregistered motor  
vehicle cases. She stated Ledyard had a lot of enforcement issues that needed to be  
addressed noting that the former Zoning Enforcement Officer John Herring retired in  
December, 2022 and the position has been vacant for a number of months.  
Ms. Hodge continued by noting Ordinance #300-012 (rev. 1) “An Ordinance  
Concerning Blight and Public Nuisance for the Town of Ledyard”. She stated  
although the Ordinance was well written she had questions regarding the Blight  
Enforcement Officer and the Citation Hearing Committee. She suggested rather than  
have a Blight Ordinance that blight should be addressed in the Zoning Regulations, or  
the Ordinance should name the Zoning Enforcement Officer as the Blight  
Enforcement Officer. She stated in reviewing past Blight Issues that there were  
people she did not know that were serving as the Blight Enforcement Officer. She  
also questioned if the Zoning Enforcement Officer was issuing a Blight Letter  
whether they would sign the letter as the Zoning Enforcement Officer or the Blight  
Enforcement Officer.  
Administrative Assistant Roxanne Maher explained Ordinance #300-012 (rev. 1) “An  
Ordinance Concerning Blight and Public Nuisance for the Town of Ledyard”  
(revised updated in 2019) was nearly identical to the City of Groton’s Blight  
Ordinance, which has been tested and has stood up in court. She noted per the  
Ordinance the Blight Enforcement Officer does not have to be the Zoning  
Enforcement Officer, but that they could be Zoning Enforcement Officer, in which  
case the person would be wearing two hats and would sign blight letters as the Blight  
Enforcement Officer, noting that there were a number of employees who perform  
multiple roles in Ledyard. She also explained that the Citation Hearing Committee  
would be stood up when needed, similar to the Architectural Review Board. She  
stated Ordinance #300-012 (rev. 1) was written to provide flexibility in who could  
serve at the Blight Enforcement Officer; and so, that it would not be limited to the  
person having to be the Zoning Enforcement Official. She stated that this was  
purposely done for a variety of reasons. She stated per the Ordinance the Mayor  
would appoint the Blight Enforcement Officer, noting at one time it was Mayor  
Rodolico’s executive assistant Mark Bancroft and that there were others, who were  
not the Zoning Enforcement Officer, that has served in that role.  
Ms. Juliet Hodge went on to explain if a property becomes uninhabitable and was  
condemned that under Connecticut’s Uniform Relocation Assistance Act (CGS §  
8-266), individuals and businesses who were displaced from their place of residence  
as a result of the state or local government code enforcement activities that caused  
them to be displaced that the state or town was required to provide comparable living.  
She stated that the town currently did not have a budget for these types of expenses.  
Councilor Paul questioned how long the town would have to provide/pay to relocate  
displaced individuals. Ms. Hodge stated although she has not read the entire  
Relocation Assistance Act (CGS § 8-266) that the town would have to pay for the  
relocation expenses until the property became habitual again. She noted as an  
example that if a home was condemned because the boiler was not working that once  
the boiler was repaired/replaced that the people would return to their home.  
Status update regarding security and safety concerns regarding Park on East Drive  
Councilor Paul stated although he did not have a Report regarding the Park on East  
Drive that the Community Relations Committee and the Parks and Recreation  
Commission were planning to meet with the area residents at the Park.  
Councilor Paul went on to note that the Parks & Recreation Commission with the  
Community Relations Committee have also talked about touring/visiting the many  
recreational parks in town such as:  
· Aljen Heights Park  
· Erickson Park  
· Highlands Lake  
· Bush Pond - Lantern Hill Waterfront Park (Graham Property)  
Councilor Paul stated with the warmer weather that they anticipated the activity at the  
Park on East Drive would increase. He stated work that was done to improve safety such  
as the lights, clearing the brush along the entrance, locking the gate, the wood chips  
around the playscapes and other work that was done looked great!  
Any other Old Business proper to come before the Committee.  
Any other New Business proper to come before the Committee.  
Councilor Paul moved the meeting be adjourned, seconded by Councilor  
VOTE: 2 - 0 Approved and so declared, the meeting was adjourned at 6:41p.m.  
Respectfully submitted,  
Gary Paul  
Committee Chairman  
Land Use/Planning/Public Works Committee  
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